Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Oct. 28, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Oct. 28, 2012

Hey Now, 

Big Week! Only 10 days till the election, and today we have some (non-64) related news about the elections that will matter after Nov 6th like house seats and local officials…. What ever you may feel about 64 you need to vote and be counted, there are so many sources saying  that the election is going to be stolen just like in 2000, get out, vote, keep a record of your vote in case there is a recount or other election fraud. 
Kicking off this week with some MMED updates, learn em, live em… and if the new emails dont work, keep a record of that fact! 

starting the week with some holiday cheer, dont lose your head out there this weekend! 
PhotoHalloween can be scary, Mitt Romney at Red Rocks, 1st time in 2012 when the venue did not smell at all like Kind Bud… Sorry Mitt no cheesecakes for your puppet show!

New stuff from the MMED’s website concerning the forms and manifests, I have tried this email a few times, but got no auto responder to print out, nor any undelivered email bounce back message, so I will also be continuing to fax the manifests as I have advised you as well… Wondering what is up with the new compliance tip? I’ve heard that the MMED was still giving select owners 60 days to install equipment required in July of 2011 as recently as last month… maybe they are finally applying their own rules to all MMCs?

Compliance Tip: Medical Marijuana business staff must be able to provide information from Point of Sale (POS), Video or any other mandated system to MMED investigators or any law enforcement officer at any time of operation. Business owners will be held accountable for failure to meet compliance standards.
MMED Manifest Submissions may be made to [email protected]
MMED Forms Submissions may be made to [email protected] 

also new on the MMED’s website, this stance may correspond with rumors circling that the special interest groups plan to exclude original panel members from their efforts to rewrite some portions of the rules promulgated for 1284 and make certain changes to the regulatory system… If that sounds shady to you too please take a minute to write a quick email to Laura Harris MMED director and tell her you want all members of the original panel who still own viable MMJ businesses to resume the work together, and replace the 60% plus of panelists that have failed or sold their businesses with independent MMJ operators, not more MMIG & CBA members… Here is her email please do it today,Laura Harris <[email protected]> also if you can be available to participate please offer your services… 

The MMED Rules are written in response to direction and authority provided by statute.  All rules undergo the due process detailed by the Colorado Administrative Procedures Act – which require an opportunity for the public to comment and request changes prior to their adoption by the State Licensing Authority.  Any proposed rules must also undergo scrutiny by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, the State Attorney General’s Office and the Legislative Legal Services Office.
The initial draft of the current rules are the product of a collaborate process in which MMED staff facilitated a workgroup made of up industry stakeholders.  The draft of rules generated by this workgroup then followed due process via the Administrative Procedures Act, during which public comments led to the modification of some of the rules prior to their adoption by the State Licensing Authority.

heard an interesting local blurb story on CPR Tuesday morning but I cant find a link… They interviewed City of Denver License and Excise’s Tom Downey about the results of the MMJ advertising ban, and he says there has been only one complaint registered with the city in the ensuing months since the ban was passed.

Colorado | Vote Medical Marijuanavotemedicalmarijuana.orgColoradoDeGette, Diana L. CO-1 Honor RollPolis, Jared CO-2 Honor RollTipton, Scott. CO-3 FailGardner, Cory CO-4 FailLamborn, Doug CO-5 FailCoffman, Michael CO-6 FailPerlmutter, Ed CO-7 Pass
you can also check the way your rep voted on the THC DUI bill as a handy reference… 

Hey get your car legal with all the lights and tags, and keep the interior smoke free and odor clean this weekend and through Wednesday, Halloween is a huge DUI pay day for ‘the man”. 

We are all sitting by the internet waiting for a final answer on HR 2306, too bad Ron Paul wasnt the candidate!  

an interesting piece in light of all “The Man’s” information sharing systems vs Hippa rights debates we’ve had in CO in the past year… 

Another OPC break in Colorado Springs… I thought that was the conservative morals part of the state? 
can anybody tell me which Colorado MIps have a fully lab-grade BHO/chemical solvents production facility with a MIPs license? We would like to see one and take a few pictures for a project we are working on to educate consumers about what a real concentrates lab looks like. 

More efforts by our Secratary of State to suppress our votes… Although he doesnt need to, his team owns the machines…. 
Actually “Tagg” (are all mormon names simplistic like this?) owns machines in TX, OK, CO, WA, as well as Ohio… 

I miss Jimmy Carter, maybe now we are finally open minded enough to give him his second term… Jimmy Carter: Decriminalize Pot |  and his drug Czar too!Jimmy Carter’s Drug Czar Says Obama’s War on Marijuana Is …

and now the awesome sales and savings you read this newsletter for…. 
already thinking about the impacts of the holiday week for deliveries so we can ensure that every patient in the state has the edibles they need to ensure their holiday is festive… Figure that we will do all points South (4 corners) this week and then depending on demand either on the 16th/17th and bring pies for freezing, if there are fresh pies to deliver we will do your rural route on the 21st (this option makes shit tight since I dont want to get stuck by the weather on the wrong side of a pass for the holiday) Last year most folks were closed on friday after Thanksgiving… so I want to push all Friday deliveries forward before the holiday to the 21st… this means that the entire week of Nov 19th will bump forward by a day, so that everybody has fresh stock for Thanksgiving. 

We are getting some pre-interest in whole-size holiday pies… do any of your patients have interest in a 100mg per slice Organic Handmade Pumpkin or Apple Pie? patients must agree no later than 11/14/12 to pre-pay 50% in advance(prepay must be done by 11/14/12) and also to picking up at your MMC between 11/19/12 and 11/21/12 depending on which day your wholesale delivery falls on… We will be offering these 9 inch deep dish pies to the MMCs for a wholesale cost of $75 each, with the retail being $100. I know that isnt “doubling” but you will only be storing your pies for a matter of mere hours before patients pick them up and we aer certain that the kind of baller who wants to bring a whole pie to a party is likely to buy some floral medicine from your shop when they stop in to retrieve their desserts. So you make a solid $25 return for a brief storage period, and have the chance to sell some extras to the patient we are bringing in to your MMC, win-win… If a patient wants a holiday dessert for a smaller affair offer them the frozen take and baked Apple Crisp, priced for a solo flyer, big enough for a couple! 
…. so now that its on the table, lets talk about Doubling and the impact of doing so on your MIPs sales… When you double a price on a product you do a disservice to your patients as well as your vendors. MIPs are usually a luxury impulse or an upsell, while floral medicines are the back bone you should be paying your bills with, giving good deals on edibles and concentrates is the way to draw customers into your shop to buy the higher profit margined meds you are growing yourself. But when a patient is 100% reliant on edibles they suffer for the price hikes foisted on them for doubling, so please add a dollar or two to the prices of edibles you bring in to sell, but dont double the wholesale costs, it hurts patients and edibles makers…. 

New November flavor!!! 
Snozzberry Cheesecake “the Snozzberries taste like snozzberry” a permanent addition to our Gluten Free offerings at our most potent level… Snozzberry is topped with a blend of Raspberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, and Cannabis! Chocolate crust, vanilla cheesecake batter, potent! 125 Mg Active THC, wholesale $6.50…  order by 7pm on Monday to save $0.35 on each one you order… 

You can still get the Pumpkin Walnut Cheesecakes through the end of this month… Made with an organic pie pumpkin cause we dont do cans around here! 85mg Active THC, and wholesale is only $5. order by 7pm on Monday to save $0.35 on each one you order… 

We will also start to offer the Black Forest Cheesecakes year round as a compliment to our German Chocolate cheesecakes…. Black Forest is 125 Mg Active THC, chocolate crust, chocolate cheesecake, medicated dark cherry core ringed with walnuts and chocolate chunks… order by 7pm on Monday to save $0.35 on each one you order… 

We have two 115 level chocolates at $6.50 each, Triple Crown with Toffee and White Chocolate, and Mas Y Mas chipotle chocolate with pepitas and dried cherries. order by 7pm on Monday to save $0.35 on each one you order… 

Apple Crisp vegan gluten free option is going great for us as a seller, ideal for dazzling a pre-holiday dinner guest at 275 Mg active THC there is enough to share (but you arent technically supposed to)! wholesale costs $9 each… 

get 5% off all 65Mg Chocolate flavors ordered by 7pm on Monday the 29th… 

Next week we will be starting a pre-holiday push for healthy edibles that allow you to save calories for holiday parties without increasing your pain levels… so order some now, but plan to stock up when the sales hit! 

Thanks again for reading all this stuff, We all must do what ever we can to change this world for the better! 

Jessica LeRoux
Twirling Hippy Confections
2145 W Evans Denver CO
303 922 3661 – call me if you want to discuss this week’s news