Denver Direct: All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Oct. 21, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Things MMJ with Jessica LeRoux – Oct. 21, 2012

Hey Now,
I am on battery power, and there aint much to work with so I will be brief… And I may have to send you another email later in the week with some info I want to share about the pending election….

MMED has updated their website concerning travel Manifests… and guess what they advise, exactly what I told you to do, fax em in and save the proof of fax… MMED Forms Submission
The MMED is experiencing difficulties receiving electronic submissions due to a conversion of our email system. Please fax all forms and manifests to our office until further notice: 303-205-2398.
Maintain a copy of fax submission in order to remain in compliance.
Thank you for patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.
Of course these updates were made after the Westword article about the issue, and the info MMED gave to Westword was incorrect… Sigh…
Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division e-mail snafu causes backup in MMJ warehouses

I dont have a TV, and wont likely miss much with the “talent” they have representing our industry, but if you watch lemme know what you thought… Denver pot industry on “60 Minutes” | Ostrow Off The Record — The Denver Denver pot industry on “60 Minutes” | Ostrow Off The Record — The Denver Post : Denver Post television critic Joanne Ostrow blogs about trends, news and developments regarding Denver and the national media. Colorado
even before the episode airs it is drawing unwanted attention to the industry….

One of these raids occured at one of my Client’s shops this week. THe USDA came into her shop, she was closed for 2 hours to accomidate them and all the forms they filled out, then the USDA left the product at the MMC for the MMED to come retrieve the following morning for agency supervised destruction. We will be watching this story to see what other products may be involved, the mention of dairy is alarming, but I am receiving word for now that because we bake any dairy items that we use in our products we should not be under this scrutiny.

Gotta wonder how much of is ALEC funded, and what degree it affected the issues with registration this election… please go vote and if you have issues or they try to deny your ass, request a provisional ballot. Make a record and report any attempted partisan election fraud by our state’s so called secretary… so young, already so corrupt!
Criminal, ethical probes sought for Gessler’s use of public A watchdog organization on Monday requested criminal and ethical investigations into Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s use public funds to attend what it considers partisan events.

Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter called for the decriminalization of marijuana on Thursday, saying U.S. drug policy has “destroyed the lives of millions of young people.” While delivering a speech on inter-American relations in Washington, D.C., the 39th president cited high prison populations as a reason to make the laws against marijuana more lenient.

As a food allergy sufferer myself I am scandalized by this story. The poor kid should have stayed on the lam…
Marijuana Inmate With Allergy Dies After Being Given Oatmeal Although marijuana has never killed anyone in history, the marijuana laws have claimed another tragic victim. Michael Saffioti, who, upon his mother’s advice, had turned himself in to police after missing a court date, was dead after just one night in the Snohomish County Jail.

I got jury doodie notice last week, if they are foolish enough to select a vocal cannabis activist for Gilpin County jury duty, this is what they can expect!
Jury Nullification Victory for New Jersey Weedman | National Cannabis Ed Forchion, New Jersey’s Weedman, was found not guilty of marijuana distribution by a jury of his peers.

Her husband killed a woman, and the only way it makes the media in the entire fucking election cycle is because of a joke she made about it! Fuck these rich self absorbed people, send them packing on Nov 6th… Ann Romney made a joke on The View about Mitt killing someone in France in 1968 Ann Romney made an appearance on the popular morning talk show The View on Thursday Oct. 18. She fielded many questions including if she watched television, an

I am still so personally torn on the presidential race, I really really want to vote my conscious and support Gary Johnson but I will feel like such a tool if Romney wins CO by a hair, so I am waiting till election day to decide, this is the 1st time Ive ever not been totally ready to vote on the 1st day of early voting!
for real, consider voting for who supports you!

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well the battery light is red, so that is all I can tell you for today! Thanks for reading this week’s news!

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