Denver Direct: Red Light “Collection Machine”

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Red Light “Collection Machine”

The issue of extending the “Red Light” contract came up at last night’s City Council meeting. As usual, only Jeanne Faatz was on the job, requesting more information on the accident reports at the intersections under surveillance.

Aurora has similar installations and, praise be, a citizens group (CRAG) trying to monitor the use of these cameras as revenue generating machines for the city.

Red Light Camera Investigation

January 4, 2011

(Aurora) – The City of Aurora recently announced the expansion of their Red Light Camera (RLC) system, touting the increased safety aspect as the main goal of the program. 

Jim Frye, a member of Citizens for Responsible Aurora Government (CRAG), submitted two Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) requests with the city to learn more about the validity of the safety claims, determine how much revenue the red light camera’s were generating, obtain a copy of the vendor contract and understand what future plans are in the works. 

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