Denver Direct: Adrienne Anderson (1952 – 2011)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adrienne Anderson (1952 – 2011)

Environmental activist Adrienne Anderson passed away yesterday at the Hospice of St. John in Lakewood, Colorado. Her life-long fight against environmental polluters will remain as a shining example of the phrase “never give up”.

From DAVID W. DI NARDI District Chief Judge in re: Case No.: 1997-SDW-7 ADRIENNE ANDERSON, Complainant, v. METRO WASTEWATER RECLAMATION DISTRICT, Respondent. 18 Sept 2001

This entire case is about a dedicated, conscientious and public-spirited citizen who, in following in the tradition of Karen Silkwood, Erin Brockovitch, A. Ernest Fitzgerald, Casey Ruud and others, has spent her entire adult life in pursuing union and environmental activities and in attempting to correct perceived wrongs and problems in society. Complainant’s beliefs, in my judgment, are reasonable and well-founded, based upon her years of research into the problems and remedial action taken with reference to the socalled Superfund Sites by the federal and state governments.