Denver Direct: We all know that recycled water is going to Washington Park and City Park, so how come we don’t see any signs posted?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

We all know that recycled water is going to Washington Park and City Park, so how come we don’t see any signs posted?

Tucked away in a FAQ bullet item (How will I know if water being used for irrigation is recycled water?) on the Denver Water site is this gem.

Places using recycled water are clearly marked with signs identifying the water as recycled. Denver Water valve boxes, manhole covers, and newer sprinkler heads are purple. Some customers receive recycled water from ditch systems that are classified differently. Customers using these systems are not subject to Regulation 84 and are not required to post signs or use purple irrigation equipment. (Emphasis added)

They do use purple irrigation equipment but apparently the signs are deemed unnecessary. People might start asking questions, and find out that the Lowry Landfill Superfund Site water is a component of this recycled water. Imagine the horror when they find out what is in that component.

This duplicity explains the odd item I remember from the T-Rex days. As I recall, $50,000 was paid for the right to cut the old Denver (City) Ditch, carrying mountain water to our city lakes, where it crossed I-25. At the time I thought that was strange, but of course I had no idea it was part of the overall plan to spread the pollution from the polluters, (Coors, Lockheed-Martin, Rocky Flats, etc) from where it collects at the bottom of the Lowry Landfill, into our lakes and on to our park lawns.

I guess you could call it “water laundering”. This recycled water is “laundered” of its status as recycled water once it is fed into the northern part of the Denver Ditch, and that’s why the rules for recycled water don’t have to be followed. But I don’t care if the clever Denver Water attorneys have figured out a way to “launder” this water and to keep us from knowing that it is recycled water. I think we have a right to be informed.

Of course the water hasn’t actually changed, and the same reasons for stringent rules governing the use of recycled water should apply to this “laundered” recycled water. Until the citizens wake up, this will not change – we are in year 6 of this evil pact, and it’s slated to run for 50 years.

This is a simple issue – We want recycled water to be labeled where it is used. (We don’t even have to mention the 157 pollutants and 10 radionuclides in that hidden component.)

So dear readers, are you or anyone else you know willing to take up this issue at your community level, especially at your Neighborhood Organization? The Registered Neighborhood Organization’s master organization is called INC and they have already started to move on this issue ([email protected]).  It is time to start organizing to get this crime-in-progress stopped.  Don’t we have enough cancer without spreading these carcinogens where our children play?