Denver Direct: I Love Colorado but not this unfortunate video

Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love Colorado but not this unfortunate video

Ed. Note: This email was forwarded to me concerning a “We Love Colorado” video contest, which I had previously heard nothing about. Click below to view the “winning” videos.

"Dear Colorado Legislators:
The winning entry for the “We Love Colorado” Video Contest has brought up a lot of concern within the group that I represent, the Colorado Film Forum.
 Winning Entry: 
The list below reflects some of the matters.

Concern on how this event was distributed throughout the Colorado community.

Concern about contest rules being violated due to copyright laws.

Concern about the accuracy of the expressed statements and images representing Colorado.

Concern about judging on production value vs creativity.

John Conley and Donald Zuckerman, the individuals that approved the winning film have addressed each of these concerns; however, we are actually quite dumbfounded at their reasoning. At minute 1:35 the video is describing Colorado's beautiful outdoors while a picture, perhaps illegally used, of Delicate Arch in Utah is shown. This is not just a video on YouTube, this is a video promoting Colorado on the official website of Colorado, Mr. Conley quickly dismissed this concern by stating that it wasn't against any rules.
What about the rules of common sense? I also feel that Wyoming, the Equality State, was the first state where women could vote but this seems to be a moot point.
I have profusely talked about the copyright issue and even provided links where these pictures were obtained but I was told that the Offices do not have the manpower to do anything about it and will address it in the future. SIPA has rewarded the video with $1500 for using other people's work. What type of statement is being presented to our community? Donald Zuckerman, a Hollywood producer, should have known that these images would need releases as stated in the contest rules. This is why I believe the Office of Film, Television, and Media was involved in the first place.

Links to some of the pictures used in the winning video found on Google Images. 
It has gotten to the point that some of us feel that maybe this film was chosen in the hopes of a late night comedian saying something and then the video would go viral; “no such thing as bad publicity.”

We urge you to talk with your colleagues as this concerns all of Colorado, not just the artists. Mistakes have been made but let us show how we can come to the table and work on a resolution for the betterment of our community. Once again, thank you for your time.
Judge's Contact Information - SIPA
John Conley, 303 866-3992, [email protected] 
Colorado Film Commission
Donald Zuckerman, 303 592-4075, [email protected]

SIPA Board Members' Email:

[email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]

Sal Steels, Organizer

Colorado Film Forum"