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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Citizens for Responsible Aurora Government becoming too effective?

I’ve cited and admired the Citizens for Responsible Aurora Government (CRAG) on this site before. Now it appears as if their professional PowerPoint presentations at Council meetings are becoming so effective that the “Aurora Mayor Ponders Turning off the TV”.

July 30, 2011

(Aurora) – Before Citizens For Responsible Aurora Government (CRAG) commenced their second slideshow at the Aurora City Council on July 25th, Aurora Mayor Ed Tauer apparently suggested council consider turning off the TV cameras when citizens come to testify before city council.

As noted by an Aurora Sentinel editorial writer, (link) on July 28th, the mayor was not keen on CRAG testifying before council, using Power Point slides that Aurora voters could view on the local Channel 8 TV. The CRAG presentation on July 25th dealt with the massive taxpayer subsidy for the Gaylord Entertainment complex to be located near DIA.

As noted below, CRAG member, Greg Golyansky, has submitted an open letter to the mayor requesting a response to this alleged attempt to stifle free speech in Aurora.


Your Honor,

On July 28th, an editorial writer with the Aurora Sentinel noted that you recently expressed a desire to put an end to TV coverage for citizens using power point slides while presenting at city council. In fact, the writer implied that this action was directed specifically at the Citizens for Responsible Aurora Government – CRAG.

It was noted that it appeared this suggestion came about because of the critical nature of CRAG calling council to task for its actions on various issues.

CRAG’s most recent presentation on the Gaylord affair and our contention that it is “gaming the system” and not “economic development” apparently got your ire.

CRAG thinks these issues ought to be discussed publicly, in an open forum, and not behind closed doors. Taxpayers are the ones footing the bill for the million dollar TV production facilities at Aurora City Council. To deny us access to the same video capabilities as council members would be an abuse of council authority.

Because of the importance of this issue, I have chosen the “Open Letter” venue and will release this letter to the press.

If you choose not to answer my letter or to end the TV coverage of the public comment portion of the City Council meetings your actions will speak volumes in their own right.


Gregory N. Golyansky – member, Citizens for Responsible Aurora Government

For more info on CRAG contact:

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