Denver Direct: Lessons (not) learned

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lessons (not) learned

In the current fuss over Mayor-elect Michael Hancock alleged patronage of an escort service known as Denver Players some years back (2004-6) we have the makings of several teachable moments:
1. Americans are uptight about all things sexual because of the repressive Christian atmosphere that prevails in this country. Pictures of some parts of the human body are considered obscene. What is the crime here? Knottingham voluntarily resigned.
2. The lie is the thing. It is said that lying about sex is normal, but it also said that the lie is worse than the underlying act.
3. Already the focus is being shifted to Hancock’s “reneging” on a promise to allow complete access to phone (and bank?) records in return for postponing the story, which the Denver Post’s Chuck Plunkit calls “doing the responsible thing”. From this we can conclude that the Denver Post thinks its purpose is to control the news, not to report it. Also of interest is that the Denver Post, known for its relentless suing of those who use their stories, is making this video embedable (including their words “add to website or blog” and “copy code”).
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