Monday, May 23, 2011


by email: (attachments not included – use the Google)

Neighbors –

I wanted to make you aware of increased crime in the neighborhood. There have been a number of car break-ins (one individual was seen using a “slim jim” to unlock the door). Also, late last week a woman was jogging at the intersection of East 16th Avenue and Vine Street and was nearly assaulted / kidnapped. Fortunately one of our neighbors was driving by at the time and scared the guy off.

** As a reminder, if you see ANY suspicious activity call the police immediately. ** We have been very successful over the years in cleaning up our neighborhood by being proactive and collaborating with the DPD. The police appreciate our “eyes and ears” as ultimately we are the ones who know what’s going on in OUR neighborhood.

On a lighter note, find attached some information that you may find interesting . . .

1. Denver Parks and Recreation Community Meeting – Rec Center tiering and associated fee changes, scholarship opportunities and My Place program (see attached);

2. Denver Public Library Community Budget Meetings – the DPL will be holding a series of meetings to raise awareness of the Library’s current budget shortfall, inform the public of possible long-term funding solutions and gather community feedback (see attached);

3. City Park Road between Montview and East 17th Avenue permanent closure (see attached);

4. Mayoral Run-Off debate Tuesday at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science;

5. Home improvement tips from the City of Denver;

6. The Vine Street Pub is proposing a Block Party in September to celebrate Belgian Month – please let me know if you are opposed to this event.

Hope all’s well!