Denver Direct: Neighborhood Walk-about March 2, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Neighborhood Walk-about March 2, 2011

I’m Getting Mine – Are You Getting Yours?

In my neck of the woods (16th and York), money is raining down from the sky. The Better Denver Bond money ($550,000,000 for construction, $500,000,000 for the banksters plus interest) is having a very big local effect. If memory serves, about $3,800,000 will be spent on about 8 square blocks of Josephine and York from 13th Ave to 17th Ave. If you have driven by lately, the traffic congestation may have gotten your attention.

New traffic lights, poles, curbs, gutters, streets (all the way down to the dirt) are going in. I was pleased to see that they are keeping the old stone curbs but adding new concrete gutters. I was somewhat surprised that they are taking out the old road bed (concrete in some areas) and replacing it with asphalt, and lowering the surface by a few inches. One thing for sure, when the real financial crises hits (dollar collapse), Denver will have some of the finest curbs in the nation. I’m not exactly sure what good that will do us, but right now it is providing jobs.

Me: “I see they are keeping you guys busy”.
Foreman: “Yes, and thank god for that. It’s a beautiful thing.”

New stoplight going in at 16th and York
This little corner at 16th and Josephine has never seen so much attention (looking north)

Same as above, looking south
Josephine at 13th (looking north) Note roadbed reduction.
Josephine at Colfax (looking south)
Half finished at Josephine and 14th (looking south)

New gutter using old curbstone

Gutter detail