Denver Direct: Screamers at 200 Feet

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Screamers at 200 Feet

C-130 Hercules

Colorado Rep. Wes McKinley is carrying a bill to curtail the Air Force’s proposed flyover exercises in southern Colorado (see here). Are there any San Luis Valley residents who could make it to Denver for a committee hearing on HB 1066 on Feb. 17th at 1:30 in committee room 107 at the State capitol? The bill approaches the issue as a governmental “taking” that would require due process before it could be implemented. Go here to read the bill.

McKinley told me that he has people from the eastern plains lined up to testify but nobody from the SLV. Your help in getting some folks to Denver on that day could make a difference. It’s a lot to ask, but when those low-flying prop-engine screamers are flying 200 feet above your peaceful valley, it will be too late. Be advised that there are two sides to this issue, and some who are against the flights have been called unpatriotic for being “unwilling to sacrifice during time of war”.