Denver Direct: Memo to Politicians: My Telephone is Not Part of Your Machine

Friday, February 4, 2011

Memo to Politicians: My Telephone is Not Part of Your Machine

I’m getting really tired of the constant onslaught of robocalls from you. I don’t want to receive ANY recorded calls from whoever it is you’ve hired to have a machine call me. I don’t care if you are having a meet and greet, a fund-raiser, or a forum. If I do care, I’ll be sure to go to your website and find out all about it on my own. I’m never, ever, going to respond to a robocall in a positive way. I had hoped being on a “do not call” list would keep me from getting your calls, but I understand that you are exempted from these rules.

Yesterday I received 4 robocalls. The most obnoxious was from Rachael Romer, Chris Romer’s daughter, telling me about a meet and greet for Chris. That brings me to another point. I especially don’t want to hear from, or about your kids. The fact that you have kids is, I’m sure, very important to you. But it doesn’t inspire me in any way to want to vote for or support you. I’m not impressed that your daughter supports you.
So I called Romer headquarters and asked to be taken off your list, and was pleasantly surprised that Jennifer said she would do so. I also found a national political do-not-call service here. Will it work? Time will tell. In the mean time, I’m keeping a list, and every call is a minus one point. Race to the bottom of my list, politicos!