Denver Direct: Chris Romer’s Call for Transparency – Is he kidding?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chris Romer’s Call for Transparency – Is he kidding?

Bankster Romer

Mayoral candidate (with the most money) Chris Romer is now calling for more transparency in City government. What I’d like to see is more transparency from the candidate himself. Former bankster (with JP Morgan) Romer was involved in a New Mexico deal that resulted in Richardson’s withdrawal from consideration as Commerce Secretary in the Obama cabinet, and Romer was also involved in the Bennet-DPS-bankster deal that resulted in a $750 million debt coming due in March for DPS. Total cost to date for DPS is said to be $151 million with an estimated upcoming price tag of $81 million just to roll the debt over. How much did you make on those two deals, Chris?

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And don’t get me started with the mess that Romer made of the State marijuana laws before he skipped away to run for Mayor.

Bennet was elected despite his involvement in the DPS fiscal mess – let’s not make the same mistake twice. In my opinion, Doug Linkhart is the only honest one among the pack leaders. He’s experienced, dedicated, and believes marijuana should be legalized. What more could you ask?