Denver Direct: Occupy Denver Live Stream

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Denver Live Stream

Go here for live streaming from State Capitol now

Update: 3:35pm – Police said to be gathering for their weekly “war on tents” at Civic Center Park with a 5:00pm launch time. Streaming is somewhat spotty, but hey, it’s the best we’ve got, and thanks to those responsible.

Update 4:27pm – 14th and Broadway is an armed camp of Denver Police preparing for ….?

Update 4:43pm – Bobby of Scoop303 needs a charged laptop. Police are said to be ready to “permanently evict” Occupy Denver. Every time Bobby goes off the air, another ad is shown to the viewers. That’s because they are using the free version of Ustream. Time to upgrade.

Update 5:21pm – Bobby operating from his car with a camera that is not low-light.

Update 5:24pm – Chanting in background. Police moving in right now.

Update 5:31pm – Bobby gives up – try this

Update 5:40pm – Sound only.

Update 5:55pm – Cops surround park. People headed towards mall.

Update 6:00pm – Better stream here

Update 6:29pm – Over and out.