Denver Direct: Will this happen in Denver?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Will this happen in Denver?

I believe that the growing tent city at Occupy Denver (Colfax and Broadway) is at risk. The Occupiers have been told that they may NOT set up tents but they continue to do so. Because this area (Capitol grounds) is controlled by the State (and the State troopers), I assume that Hickenlooper has allowed the current situation to continue. Trying to shut this down now would bring more negative publicity to Denver than allowing it to continue. If only we had a visible Governor (or any other elected offical) who would step up to the plate and announce his support for the Occupiers. I know, I’m dreaming. (see also

From OccupyDenver Facebook page 12 hours ago: If you’re ever on the ground at the occupation and the police attempt to shut it down or illegally confiscate property of the occupation, tweet, facebook and text for assistance like crazy. Likewise, if you get notice of this happening… get to the occupation a.s.a.p. and stand in solidarity, if you can. Thank you!