Denver Direct: Denver police do a great job of PR for Occupy Denver

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Denver police do a great job of PR for Occupy Denver

Photos from the Denver Post (see more)

Occupiers coming better equipped to the show
Officer down in an unscripted fall

Officer playing his part with enthusiasm

Occupiers and officers came to Saturday’s march in full battle dress for their parts in the continuing drama at Colfax and Broadway (I was unable to attend). Hickenlooper and Hancock have seemed determined to draw the line by not allowing tents, repeatedly removing the occupiers camping gear, food, and medical supplies, but allowing them to sleep on the sidewalk for the last few days despite the 11pm to 6am curfew .

Tactical error by police
After the marchers approached the west steps of the Capitol and were repulsed, they moved down to their camp on Broadway. There police seem to have made a tactical error by driving two motorcycles up on the grass and into the crowd. After an occupier shoved the back end of the second motorcycle, he was chased down and arrested. (Video from DenverOccupy)

This led to the officers being surrounded by occupiers with the police then using pepper spray and guns with pepper “bullets” on the crowd. The occupiers backed away and the police moved back to the street.

Here’s a second point of view on the motorcycle takedown

More from SenorMysterioso on YouTube:

Senor goes on to say:

October 29, 2011. Occupy Denver. Police fight with protesters in Civic Center Park. 

This video starts right after police stormed into the park to pull a tarp out of a tree. Police tackled a man and a woman to the ground. Protesters became enraged about the force being used.

I removed my original description because of threats. I was objectively relating what I observed and experienced but some people were angry so I will just let everyone watch for themselves.

Yet another point of view of the inside action

Live feeds

I was able to find 4 live feeds of the action while it was ongoing. 9news seemed to have commandeered the DOT camera (note watermark on screen grab) from atop the light pole on the southwest corner of Colfax and Broadway.

Other feeds included Ustream’s StandUpDenver, occupydenvernow, and occupydenver303. You can search around at Ustream to find their recorded streams.