Denver Direct: Another Attempted End-Run by Hickenlooper

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Attempted End-Run by Hickenlooper

Help Stop the Pro-Billboard Zoning Change

(from Protect Denver Skyline)

The Denver City Attorney, with the support of Mayor John Hickenlooper, is working to cover-up the city’s failed oversight of zoning regulations for billboards by introducing an ordinance that will protect these big billboard companies that are in violation of the law. (Go here for more info and to sign petition.)

Denver’s Zoning Administrator Mike O’Flaherty has knowingly allowed the illegal alteration of billboards throughout the city. The approval of this pro-billboard ordinance will not only reward these well-funded out-of-state companies for breaking the law, it will also let several city agencies off the hook for not doing their job.

On Wednesday, January 27th the pro-billboard ordinance will be introduced to the Blueprint Denver Committee. The committee (all city council members) has been provided misinformation from these billboard companies to confuse them and the public.

Denver taxpayers are paying the price for this City Hall cover-up. These oversized, illegal, and unsafe billboards are polluting our city’s streets. Meanwhile, the City Attorney is spinning this pro-billboard ordinance as nothing more than a clarification of language!

Contact the City Council and demand them to hold a public hearing on the Mayor’s pro-billboard ordinance so they can learn the full story.

• We need full enforcement of Denver’s current zoning laws and require that every identified illegal billboard in Denver come into compliance with current law.
• Demand the resignation of Zoning Administrator Mike O’Flaherty for serving the interests of the big billboard companies and not the people of Denver.