Denver Direct: What’s So Bad About “The Bad 3”?

Friday, September 10, 2010

What’s So Bad About “The Bad 3”?

Since I came to Denver, there have been a number of occasions when voters have had a chance to reduce their tax burden by cutting back on government spending. With the major exception of TABOR (which passed on the third attempt), voters have chosen instead to increase their tax burden. These choices have been encouraged by large advertising campaigns mounted by those who would benefit from the increase – government entities and construction related firms. Remember the “lemon” campaign? Or how about Ref C, in which we were told we would be giving back $3 billion of our TABOR returns over 5 years, but it turned out to be closer to $8 billion? In short, voters have been swayed to vote against their own self-interest by these special interest groups.
Once again, with Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101, the negative campaign has begun with THE BAD 3 (see also DBJ here). If you vote for these, everything will collapse, they say. Here is a more factual presentation from Colorado Campaign for Liberty.
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You have no doubt seen or heard some of the negative ads about Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101.  You’d think the sky is falling.  Are you tired of the same old scare tactics that the politicians, big banks, unions, lobbyists, and out of state interests keep recycling?  Did you know the power elites are spending six million dollars to scare you?

Well, how about some TRUTH?

Property taxes alone, at all levels, have increased 183% since 1992, and that is with TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) in place.  Our senior citizens are being hurt the worst with these unconstitutional, non-voter approved property tax hikes.  How mad are you now?

Since 1992, Colorado state government spending (local and state) has grown from $15.1 to almost $47 BILLION in total spending.  That’s a 310% INCREASE in spending!

If you want to stop this reckless spending, act NOW!  Click here to volunteer, hand out fliers, put up signs, write letters to the editor, and make sure you vote YES in November to pass 60, 61, & 101!  The elites have the money, but we have the PEOPLE!


You may have heard…“If these pass, it will kill jobs and crush Colorado’s economy!”  Oh, really?  Let’s see the real figures that were garnered from a government website (see above).

Again, here are some Campaign for Liberty translations of “elitist” claims:

Elitist: “Shuts down our ability to build or expand our roads, schools, water facilities…all of our infrastructure.”

Translation: “We’ll have the same budget we had in 2007…remember when we had no infrastructure three years ago?”

Elitist: “Eliminates a major funding source for road and bridge construction across the state.”

Translation: “Voters will never approve road and bridge improvements unless we force them to.”

Scare tactics won’t work on Campaign for Liberty members.  We know the truth.  We share knowledge, and we VOLUNTEER! Click here to do so now.  We are grassroots – watch us GROW.


Is the media interested in how much debt our children will be left with if these don’t pass?  NO!  Do we, as a grassroots organization, need to remind them, relentlessly, of the vital importance of saving every single child from the burden of over $43,000 of debt?  YES!

Getting “fiscal conservatives” elected is futile.  Why?  Since 2000, Colorado state level debt has tripled.  Servicing debt (the amount you pay back) has doubled!  This is with a mixture of political parties being dominant in the legislature.  When you hear any politician say, “We want smaller government, but 60, 61, & 101 go too far,” remember the real translation:  “Suckers!”

Elitist: The panel discussions are overwhelmingly opposed to these measures.

Translation: Our paid speakers can beat up your volunteers.

Volunteers are the only way to reclaim our state.  Truth will prevail, and activism is how we will win!  Do it NOW!

Yours in Liberty,

Bonnie Cannon

Colorado C4L State Organizer

P.S.:  Here’s one more translation for good measure…

Elitist: “Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 will push Colorado into a voter-approved recession”

Translation: “We will blame these ballot measures for the recession, even though the recession began before they were passed.”

Let’s win this and reclaim Colorado to ease the tax burden on our seniors, preserve a debt free future for our children, and keep our money in our pockets!