Denver Direct: Sockpuppetry

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wednesday morning when I first woke up I had a feeling that something bad had happened. You know, for the first few seconds you feel okay and then the dread creeps in, what was it? Oh, suddenly I remembered, Romanoff had lost the primary race. Bennet had won. The horror.
Today, Thursday morning, when I woke up I was already angry. How could that have happened? How could Romanoff, man of the people, honest, intelligent, witty, brave, self-sacrificing, showing up here there and everywhere like the energizer bunny,  have lost to a man who has no qualifications, other than his appointment by Ritter to the vacant seat left by Salazar, a man who made $11.4 million in two years working as a corporate raider for the Republican big-daddy Anschutz, a man who wrecked the DPS as superintendent with his high-finance CDS faux-financial magic (still in progress). How did that happen?
And then to read in the MSM that the race had been “dirty”, and that both Romanoff and Bennet were somehow both down there in the mud together. How did that BS meme get started? Bennet was the one who sent this piece of trash through the mail. Bennet was the one who never showed up to debate (and, on a personal note, who wouldn’t let me videotape at one of his first fundraisers). Bennet was the one who spent millions on amateurish TV ads claiming he was going “to fix the broken Senate”. Ha! Oh, and aren’t his little prop girls cute.”Daddy wants me to clean up my room”. Excuse me, I’ll be back in a few minutes after I finish puking.
Just because Andrew was outspent 10 to 1, or whatever it was, and the sheeple couldn’t tell the difference between an honest man and an Anshutz shill, I’m supposed to swallow and unite with the sleeze-balls who promoted this pie-faced sockpuppet? No thanks, I’ve puked enough already, and I can’t keep any more bile down.
Oh, and if we don’t unite behind this privileged twit, we might risk having Ken “Buck” Buck (R) as our  next Senator. Ok, so be it. Colorado Democrats will get what they deserve. Pick the wrong guy and suffer the consequences. Pick the guy who has to READ his “victory” speech. Pick the sockpuppet and you’ll get the hand.