Denver Direct: Parks are for People (continued)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Parks are for People (continued)

As much as I laud the effort being made by Parks are for People, I don’t think that any amount of calling and letter writing will change the fact that this Admission Based Policy is a done deal. Whenever they got a chance, the people spoke out against it, and it didn’t matter. The HickenMaster has spoken and his Parks Czar Patterson has carried out the order, with the assistance of the Parks and Wreck minions.

It’s going to take a lawsuit (injuction?) to stop this “experiment” in City Charter manipulation which was accomplished by redefining the words – lease, permit, concession, etc. by Friar Broadwell. And, if a successful effort is mounted to force it to a vote of the people, the Gentry (promoters) will fund a TV campaign to get it passed, as they usually do, with lemons, dancing letters and other advertising gimmicks.  Those opposing its passage will be characterized as rigid old fuddy-duddys, resisting change, seeking serenity in their dotage, while those in favor will be the fun-loving, beer-drinking, rock and rollers, ready to partay!

While I agree that a dedicated Festival Park would be a great idea, it’s not what HickenMaster has dictated, because it would cost too much money, and anyway, the parks are already, by his reckoning, available for the taking.

Maybe we will have to storm the gates. Imagine – flash mob overwhelms gate keepers, swat teams are called out, teargas and tasering ensue. Chaos on the fringe!

Nah! won’t happen. I was just getting carried away. Sorry for the fuss. Go back to sleep.