Denver Direct: Corporate Personhood

Friday, July 9, 2010

Corporate Personhood

The root cause of many of the problems we face as a society can be traced to two essential mistakes that were made by our Supreme Court – the decision that 1) corporations are people and 2) money is a form of speech. These mistakes were reinforced by the recent decision of the Supreme Court that corporations can donate unlimited funds to political candidates.
Many of us believe that this recent decision will further wreck our political structure, and that “we the people” are losing out to corporate influence. The “donation” records of many candidates reveal a preponderance of corporate funds fueling their campaigns. My belief is that until these mistakes are reversed, there will be no possibility that our representatives will actually represent us, and not the corporate interests.
Here in Colorado, our own Democratic primary for Senator, to be decided this Aug 10, is a perfect example of this conflict. One candidate, appointed Senator Michael Bennet, is the recipient of millions of dollars of corporate largess. The other candidate, Andrew Romanoff, has refused all corporate donations and PAC money. The difference could not be more starkly drawn.
On Monday, July 12 at noon on the Capitol steps, two old duffers, who are currently walking across the United States to bring attention to this issue, will be in Denver. I’ll be there to videotape and support them. Join them to show your support for – “we the people”. Hey, if you won’t stand up for yourself, who will?