Denver Direct: On the Road – McKinley and Romanoff in Trinidad

Monday, June 14, 2010

On the Road – McKinley and Romanoff in Trinidad

Your indefatigable crew drove down to Trinidad, Colorado to tape Candidates Andrew Romanoff (US Senate) and Wes McKinley (Colorado House). On the way down, the clouds seemed to have forgotten where they belonged in the sky, and were instead lying about on the ground as large patches of fog.

First up is a brief piggy-back interview with McKinley in which he talks about the Trinidad Nursing Home situation. For more print information go here.

It was interesting following Andrew Romanoff around the Trinidad Nursing Home. He really is interested in what is going on and often poked his head into rooms to say hello to the residents. He genuinely seems to like people and wants to make contact with them. He listens intensely and sometimes takes notes. Here’s a brief sample: