Denver Direct: Billy Whitfield plays “Ghost Riders in the Sky”

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Billy Whitfield plays “Ghost Riders in the Sky”

Billy Whitfield, noted guitarist and cowboy poet who often visits the Denver Capitol, plays Ghost Riders in the Sky at the Legislative picnic sponsored by Rep. Wes McKinley.

(Technical note: This is the first video I’ve posted that was shot using my Sony MHS-PM1, pictured here (cost $125, fits in your pocket). It’s a HD (high density) flash card camera capable of hours of continuous recording, in a tiny, sleek package. It creates MP4 files in-camera that can be uploaded directly to YouTube. This one was edited first, and rendered at 1080p. On YouTube, you can select the resolution for playback, but for some reason it won’t play satisfactorily on my machine at 1080p.)