Denver Direct: Here Comes the Next Big One

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here Comes the Next Big One

Editorial by Gerald H. Trumbule
(not an April Fool’s joke, although I wish it were)

Last Thursday, March 25, 2010, an event occurred in the world of finance which will build into a second “meltdown” of economic disaster for the United States and the world. At a public hearing by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission it was revealed, in dramatic fashion, that the futures trading market in precious metals is a complete and utter fraud. An explosive fraud that makes Madoff look like a firecracker.

Immediately following, there was a news blackout. Interviews were canceled by major media outlets. But the internet came through. The bomb had exploded, and it was happening in slow motion, on YouTube, blogs, and newsletters.

The next day the whistle-blower who had insisted on talking out of turn at the hearing was hit by a car. He and his wife were hospitalized overnight and released the next day. The hit-and-run driver was caught.

I waited in vain for the price of gold and silver to take off. Once the cartel’s manipulations were revealed, and the naked shorts fell to the ground, I thought, rocket city here we come. Having only one ounce of metal for every 100 you sold claim to, once revealed, I thought, would start a stampede.

But no. Nothing seemed to happen. That is, until today. The word is spreading on the internet and I predict it will break into the MSM on or before Monday. If the people ever understand what has been done, they may well demand that heads roll. But that doesn’t really matter now, because the fuse, slowly burning for all these years, has finally reached the bomb. It is too late now.

The global meltdown will be unprecedented. Currencies will crash. Countries will react – I’m not going to go beyond that for now. Trading will be suspended in some markets. Banks may take a holiday. The Gs (G3, G8, G20, etc.) will meet and discuss, but the peeps are not going to stand for another bailout, even if this one wouldn’t have to be so big it would be bigger than the planet.

I don’t see anyway the FED, the Treasury, and their collusive banks, JPMorganChase (or whatever the hell they call themselves now) the ones who have been dictating, with market manipulation, what will happen next, can pull a magic trick off this time. I think all of the nice rabbits are out of the hat. Only the rabid rabbits are left – the ones who will eat your savings and income for lunch, have currencies and whole countries for dinner, and then snack on your children’s college fund, or the kid’s piggy bank, depending on how hungry they are.

In short, the meltdown that we were said to have avoided? Not so much.

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Update April 4, 2010: Or maybe not. Apparently, in a system built on fraud, exposing fraud doesn’t create much interest. MSM will probably remain silent. Go here for latest info.
Update April 6, 2010: Fraud fully revealed – nothing happening.