Denver Direct: Councilman Doug Linkhart for Mayor

Monday, November 8, 2010

Councilman Doug Linkhart for Mayor

In lieu of having a responsive City Councilperson for my area, I have often called upon Councilman-at-Large Linkhart to respond to various issues that concerned me. He has always followed up on my concerns, and responded promptly. But that’s not why I’m endorsing him now, before the stampede of candidates has even started.

I believe that Linkhart will be the leader that Denver will need in the troubling times on the horizon. Because of events effecting our entire country, many of which have not yet taken their toll on Denver, we will face stressful times ahead. Denver will not be immune. The systematic gutting of our monetary system by the banksters is going to result in a world-wide depression which we will not be able to avoid. I don’t think I need to list the results, as we are already seeing them.

What we will need for these times is a peace-maker, a calm and reasonable person who can truly bring people together to make the hard decisions we will face. In my estimation, Linkhart is that person.

He is a true public servant, and has devoted his life to it, as his long track record reveals. He doesn’t seem to be ego driven. He seems to genuinely have the greater good in mind – not some agenda for his own aggrandizement.

I know of at least 6 more people who I expect to announce their intention to run for Mayor. There is none better than Doug Linkhart.

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