Denver Direct: Walkabout – Friday Oct. 29, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Walkabout – Friday Oct. 29, 2010

 Once in awhile I get out to walk around my neighborhood, and of course, take a few pictures.

 The Fox, well-known graffiti artist, seems to be back with her stencils. Pleasant change.
 Water catchment area in the northwest corner of the Woolley Dog Park at 16th and Josephine – a few days earlier.
After it was finished,
the East High teachers apparently didn’t know what it was, and because their parking lot to the east was closed for repairs, they parked on top of it.
 Solitary dog enjoying the the Woolley off-leash dog park. To date, there are no rules about who can use the park.

Corner of Colfax and Josephine, where the new 7-11 is being built – across Colfax from the old 7-11, which lost its lease. Thirty years ago there was a filling station on that corner. I think they dug up the old underground tanks, but I never actually saw them being removed. The building in the back ground is the completely remodeled Floyd’s Barbershop, which originally served as a pinball parlor.
When John Hand bought the Park View Hotel (below) and the pinball parlor, he put them to use as part of the Denver Free University.
I think a new sushi restaurant is going in on the corner, replacing the old sushi restaurant.