Denver Direct: Update on Duck Lake

Friday, October 8, 2010

Update on Duck Lake

The small Duck Lake in City Park is sure getting its share of attention. New walls and curbs are being installed now, but excavation of the (toxic?) bottom has not yet begun. Apparently it’s going to cost another $200,000, for a total of $1,627,000, to do that properly. I wonder where the excavated material will go?

BILL/ RESOLUTION REQUEST (h/t to Adrienne Anderson)

1. Title: Approves an ordinance request to appropriate an additional $200,000 of Capital Improvement Funds for Duck Lake restoration in City Park.

2. Requesting Agency: Department of Finance

3. Contact Person with actual knowledge of proposed ordinance Name: Gordon Robertson
Phone: 720-913-0615 Email: [email protected]

4. Contact Person with actual knowledge of proposed ordinance who will present the item at Mayor Council and who will be available for first and second reading, if necessary
Name: Gretchen Hollrah Phone: 720-913-5516 Email: [email protected]

5. Describe the proposed ordinance, including what the proposed ordinance is intended to accomplish, who’s involved
a. Scope of Work – This ordinance request will appropriate $200,000 of Capital Improvement Funds (CIF) to supplement renovations to Duck Lake in City Park. This supplemental will allow deeper dredging of the lake bottom and additional sediment removal, which are key factors in improving the lake’s water quality. The total project cost will be $1,627,000, which includes edge restoration, island renovation and improved water exchange. Other sources of funding for the project include $607,000 from the Denver Zoo; $550,000 of Better Denver Bond funding; a $200,000 GOCO grant awarded to the City; and $70,000 from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The balance of the CIF 2010 contingency after this $200,000 appropriation will be approximately $1.1M.
Appropriate: 7011102 RK030 Duck Lake Restoration 32105 $200,000.00
b. Duration – Through 2011
c. Location – City Park
d. Affected Council District – District 8
e. Benefits- Improved park asset; addresses environmental hazard.
f. Costs – $200,000 supplemental to $1.427M project.

6. Is there any controversy surrounding this ordinance, groups or individuals who may have concerns about it? Please explain: No.

Bill Request Number: BR10-0815 Date: 9/13/2010