Denver Direct: Huerfano World Journal endorses Wes McKinley

Friday, October 1, 2010

Huerfano World Journal endorses Wes McKinley

(Ed. note: This local newspaper, formerly owned by candidate Kellogg, has now endorsed Rep. McKinley.)

30 – September – 2010
by Brian Orr

WALSENBURG- It has been the policy of the Huerfano World Journal, for as long as Gretchen and I have been publishing it, to try and present unbiased reporting in our newspaper–the exception being our stance against the expansion of the Piñon Canon Maneuver Site, which we came out against in our first issue.

We have never endorsed a political candidate before, preferring to let the candidates state their opinions and let people decide for themselves.

It is hard however, to present information on a candidate, when they don’t show up, or they snub your reporters. On Wednesday, Sept. 22, State Rep. Wes McKinley and his challenger, Lisa Grace Kellogg, were both supposed to speak at the Trinidad Oil and Gas Association’s forum.

Kellogg chose not to attend the forum and debate McKinley on the issues. We feel this absenteeism is emblematic of Kellogg’s candidacy. She is a person whose primary business and residence is in southern California; how much time will she honestly devote to representing southern Colorado in our legislature?
McKinley does a terrific job of watching out for our collective interests up in Denver. Wes is a man of, and from, southern Colorado. A third generation cowboy from Walsh, a husband and father, and a retired school teacher, he has been standing up for us in the House for six years now.
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