Denver Direct: Here’s something you can do about the Purple Pipewater

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here’s something you can do about the Purple Pipewater

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Ok. You’ve heard about this Lowry stuff being distributed to our parks and lakes and you are kinda wondering if there is some way to get this changed. Dang it! You walk your dog in that park and you want this purposeful pollution stopped.

Decentralized Information Distribution (DID)

Print a flyer for 5 of your park-friends. Go here and download or print from there. It’s designed to be a front and back of one sheet of paper so you may have to finagle that.

Next time you take the pooch out for a walk – take the flyers. Talk it over with your friends. Take action.

Since 2004 its been pumping at a rate of 25 gallons per minute, night and day. I’ll do the math: 25 gallons per minute * 60 mins = 1500 gal/hr * 24 = 36000 gal/day * 365 = 13,140,000 gal/yr * 7 yrs = 91,980,000 gals (152 Olympic-sized swimming pools) since they started, and they estimate that they will need to continue pumping for the next 50 years.