Denver Direct: … Hitting the Fan

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

… Hitting the Fan

Folks are getting their knickers all twisted in the comments section of a recent Denver Daily News article on the Dog Poop Dispenser problem. Fake comments were posted under other’s names by parties unknown (and subsequently removed by DDN). Attributing comments such as this one to Larry Ambrose is ludicrous to anyone who knows Mr. Ambrose. Likewise for comments falsely attributed to Mr. Felice.

“It’s about time this administration started listening to us and abiding by our demands! We run this City! These are our parks, not Kevin “Satan” Patterson’s! What we say goes!”

When I read that I laughed out loud. What would compel someone to sign in under someone else’s name and say things that that person would never say? Do they purposely want to look stupid? Didn’t they expect us to see through it and wonder who would be motivated to do this? Did the creator of this false post want to trick us into thinking that the commenter was most likely Mr. Airy, who just lost “$100,000” on this ill-conceived idea, who would be driven to such depths?

Ah….who can say? I personally don’t think Mr. Airy would be that stupid. I should hasten to add that I have not met the man.

What strikes me as strange is not the uproar over the proposed advertising pollution in our parks but the lack of uproar over the 26,000 gallons of actual toxic water pollution being pumped PER DAY into the lakes in Washington and City Parks, and then sprayed onto the grassy fields where our children play.

If only I could make these 158 pollutants and 10 radionuclides visible to our eyes. If the 26,000 gallons per day from Lowry Landfill were turned into dog poop we would all run screaming back into our homes. If it weren’t shut off within hours, we would storm city hall. Instead, we fight over advertising pollution in the parks, while the really deadly stuff pours out sight unseen and with little comment.