Denver Direct: Spineless Grumps

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spineless Grumps

Someone left a flyer on my porch this morning.

First let me point out that:
1. this is not a race, it’s a ride. It’s a family event. It is sponsored by Kaiser-Permanente for the benefit of Seniors, Inc.
2. it has never lasted until 2:00 am in my neighborhood.
3. all of the “noise”, e.g. music, laughter, hoots and hollers added together would not equal one loud motorcycle.
4. Seeing the streets taken over by bicycles sliding through the night is a spiritually uplifting event revealing what might be possible in a better world.

To those who put out this flyer – you are spineless grumps. At least sign your flyer so we know who you are.

P.S. I liked it so much I created this fantasy piece in 2007. I’ll be out there on York Saturday night to videotape this one as well. Right on cyclists!