Denver Direct: The Vote is In.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Vote is In.

Mike Johnston won the delegate vote on the first ballot, with 64 votes out of 126. Rosemary Marshall, former state Legislator for 8 years, with 41 votes, was thrown out with the bathwater, and Anthony Graves, with 18 votes, was put on hold for another time.

The result was predictable solely from a media usage perspective. Sitting in the “video catbird seat” as I do, gives me a unique point of view. I get to see the daily hits coming in and, surprising to some, where they are coming from. Johnston ran a media savvy campaign with a robust group of volunteers, and, most importantly, he had the goods; youth, vigor, articulateness, intelligence, good looks, money (see ActBlue) and the ability to project his vision to the small group of delegate voters.

As we left the school, I happened to cross paths with Rosemary Marshall. “Looks like you’ll have to get ready for the primary now,” I said. “No,” she replied ” this was a wake-up call for me to start enjoying the rest of my life.” Congratulations to you Rosemary, you may be the biggest winner after all, I thought, as we walked into the night.