Denver Direct: Walkabout

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hey, I thought this blog was about Local Local News. Okay, here’s my walkabout from April 9, 2009.

New bus stop at 17th and Josephine

Too bad the taggers got to it so fast.

Well marked intersection at 17th and Josephine.

Poorly marked intersection at 17th and Josephine.

East High parking lot still doesn’t have a sidewalk on Josephine.

Church in the City uses its school building as a billboard at 16th and York.

New pipe project on 17th at Race (Ditch Witch)

This machine pushes the copper rod through the earth without digging a trench.

It goes almost two blocks and is guided to this hole.

The pipe is laid out in sections….

…and pulled back through the ground by the first machine.