Denver Direct: Vehicle-fee bill unfair and unreasonable

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Vehicle-fee bill unfair and unreasonable

Published February 24, 2009 at 12:05 a.m. in the letters to the Editor, Rocky Mountain News.

Colorado Senate Bill 108, the “End Run Around Voters” revenue enhancement bill, is certain to cause grievous harm to Colorado motorists (“Bill to fix bridges, roads off to House after Senate OK,” Feb. 6). Besides increasing license fees by up to 100 percent or more, there are unbelievable punitive “late fees.” It looks like there’s a $25-per-month late fee if you fail to renew on time.

This bill will really hurt those with low incomes, small businesses, farmers, and antique or collectible vehicle owners.

Many business and farm vehicles are used seasonally or rotated for use, and with many of these of heavy weight, they have a large license expense. These vehicles are sometimes not in use, their license plates expired to save money.

Antique and collectible vehicles have similar downtimes, used seasonally, or their use is rotated to allow various maintenance and restoration work, or just to use different vehicles.

It just isn’t fair to keep paying for license fees for vehicles not in use on Colorado roads. Just as there’s “no taxation without representation” there shouldn’t be taxation to use the transportation infrastructure if you’re not using it.

I hope good logic wins out and Senate Bill 108 is killed or more reasonable rate increases are used.