Denver Direct: The Soul (La Alma) of a Community

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Soul (La Alma) of a Community

Amoung many other contentious issues currently swirling around Denver Parks and Rec is the idea that we need to close down or “transition” four recreation centers in order to save money. This is being done while $6,000,000 is being paid out (of Bond money) to purchase land for a new Rec Center at 16th and Josephine. The Centers being considered for transitioning are:

Johnson Recreation Center, 4809 Race St
La Alma Recreation Center 1325 W 11th Ave
Globeville Recreation Center 4496 Grant St
College View Recreation Center 2525 S Decatur St

At a public hearing at La Alma Recreation Center to discuss Admission Based Events Policy and Civic Engagement Policy, the Parks and Rec Advisory Board (PRAB), Chairman Darrell Watson allowed presentations by concerned citizens to speak about the La Alma Center. I can’t resist citizens speaking from the heart at public hearings, and so, courtesy of Channel 8 – Denver TV, I provide you with clips from that meeting.