Denver Direct: The Pot is Out of the Bag (continued)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Pot is Out of the Bag (continued)

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Readers have been clamoring (well, one reader – thanks D.M.) for a follow up to my previous post about registering with the State of Colorado for use of medical marijuana (mmj).

I purchased 1/4oz of Durban Poison (indica) said to be good for sleep, and 1/4oz of Summit County Sweet Skunk (sativa) said to be good for pain (also said to have the highest THC content of the various kinds). Each was $100 and the total was $269.18, the difference being taxes. (I didn’t get an itemized bill so I can’t say for sure.)

First let me assure you that my back pain is real. For many years I have suffered periodic bouts of pain so severe I could not get out of bed, the longest episodes lasting for about one whole month. Two years ago, after a particularly bad bout, I decided I had had enough, and sought out surgery.

The surgeon, without a hint of bedside manner, whipped out his metric rule and, measuring on my MRI, declared that I didn’t qualify for surgery, as the “pinched” dorsal root ganglion was 1mm shy of the requirement (Medicare?). Under the influence of pain meds as I was, I thought this unreasonable, and was disappointed that I couldn’t have the surgery to alleviate my pain.

In retrospect, I am thankful that I didn’t qualify, as I’m not at all sure that the surgery wouldn’t have made matters worse. Since that time, with mild stretching and care not to lift anything heavy, I’ve avoided being bedridden. The nearly constant aching in my lower back and left hip has not, however, gone away.


Both sealed bags looked good, with large buds predominating. I tried the Durban first, as it was mid-day, and I wanted to keep working. Yes, as advertised, and after the usual coughing, the “mellow” came over me and my pain was – not gone – but definitely ameliorated – not as insistent as before. I did continue my usual work routine, but I was definitely high, and not able to focus with my usual intensity (haha). I definitely felt a lot better.

I waited until the next evening to try out the Sweet. In my experience, most pot eventually makes you sleepy, so I was not surprised when I began to nod off. However, this state of pre-sleep (hypnogogia) is more like dreaming. Not a bad way to get to sleep, however.

In general, I’d grade both “products” (as Councilman Brown would say) as a solid A. The price is another story, and I hope the competition will eventually bring it lower. One major effect, however, was derived from the knowledge that I was now, at long last, legal – well, almost legal, at least at the State and City level.

Now, having been through the entire process, I have a few questions:

Does Discount Medical Marijuana, my provider, continue to offer FREE DOCTOR DAYS, which saved me hundreds of dollars, on a regular basis? I called 303 355-9333, and yes, they are having one today, but couldn’t say when and for how long this will continue in the future. Go, go, go.

Where is all of this pot coming from? Formerly illegal dealers? Growers? In all of the political pontification I’ve heard so far, this issue is not being addressed.

Will patients become dealers? Not if they are trying to make money, but what if they just want to share?

Will the fragrant smell of burning pot become commonplace?

Can you take your medicine in public?

Has the government lost control of the entire situation?

We will see.