Denver Police announced today that they had made 32 arrests related to racially motivated robberies and assaults.

left, Allen Ford and Torrence McCall. Denver Police say they have
arrested 32 people, part of a sweep to end a four-month spree of
racially motivated assaults and robberies in downtown Denver. (Denver
Police Department)

The Denver Police Department arrested 32 men and juvenile boys after a months-long undercover investigation into what police said were racially motivated assaults and robberies in downtown Denver, including the LoDo entertainment district.
A task force composed of Denver police, the FBI and the Denver district attorney’s office investigated 26 incidents in which groups of black males verbally harassed, assaulted and at times robbed white or Latino males, according to Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman.
All of the suspects are young black males, most of whom told police they were associated with either the Rollin’ 60s Crips gang or the Black Gangster Disciples gang. (continue reading here)