Denver Direct: Not So B.E.S.T. After All

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not So B.E.S.T. After All

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I am always sickened when our government leaders take credit for redirecting our tax money to what they consider important. They act as if they are giving their own money away. I especially hate it when they use kids as props. (See 3:15 into above video clip)

On the one hand we have Ritter and Romanoff taking credit for “over $1 billion in new money for school repair and construction” while at the same time a judge rules that the “tax freeze”, the backhanded tax increase that is not an increase (according to Ritter) is unconstitutional. Ritter is unruffled.

The bottom line is that our public education system is broken. By all objective measures it is and has been failing. The outdated concept of herding all children of a particular age into a room to “educate” them denies the fact that “learning” is an individual process that takes place in a child’s head based on motivation. Until each child is treated as an individual “client” who has over $5000 to spend that year, and offered a variety of opportunities to find, with his/her parents, the best place to do that, nothing will change.