Denver Direct: Denver Parks Policy (continued)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Denver Parks Policy (continued)

(Ed. note: Sarcasm ahead.)
A small group of delusional citizens met at the Denver Museum last night to whine about their lack of input into the Denver Parks and Recreation Department decision-making process. Despite the fact that graduate student Kim Bailey, the part-time manager of this Department has made it exceedingly clear that she, directed by the wishes of the Businessman Mayor (BM) John Hickenlooper, will establish parks policy based on ROI (return on investment) without regard to precedent. This has led to the mayor’s endearing moniker “Roi-Boy”.

Hickenlooper plainly and truthfully stated his position when running for office: I am not a politician (no listening to the people) but I am a businessman (City as profit center for wealthy friends and donors).

Time and again Bailey has stated the obvious: there is no place for citizen input into the process. Charades like the ABSEP (Admission Based Special Events Policy) task force are conducted to allow citizens to pretend that their input is important, even as decisions to rent or lease the parks, although strictly prohibited by the City Charter, go forward before any ABSEP proposals can be enacted.

Promoters apologize for not having citizen outreach after they have secured the required permit.

Citizen activists would be well advised to use this opportunity to create their own advantage rather than standing in the way of progress and profit. Hint: selling beer is the best fun(d) raising activity. Quit whining and call Coors.

More from the INC meeting of 3-15-08 regarding this issue.