Denver Direct: Breaking News – Denver District 8 Democrats Select ….

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Breaking News – Denver District 8 Democrats Select ….

The State House District Democratic Assembly met today at the Denver Convention Center, in record numbers, to select candidates for the upcoming August 12th primary. In District 8, which surrounds City Park, three candidates were in the race: Matt Bergles, Cindy Lowery, and Beth McCann. (See posts below).

To advance to the primary ballot a candidate must garner at least 30% of the total delegate vote.

By the end of a long day an estimated 1/3 of the delegates had left, but the votes were finally cast (into an open cardboard box) and then counted on the floor in the hall. The result: McCann – 84, Bergles – 80, and Lowery – 78. The outcome: all three qualified for the primary ballot.

Good old fashioned democracy. It ain’t pretty, but we like it. (Video to follow.)