Denver Direct: McKinley Rides Again

Sunday, November 9, 2008

McKinley Rides Again

Congratulations to Wes McKinley, who successfully won the State House District 64 race against the Republican challenger Torres, by over 17%. McKinley was back at the Capitol the next day, continuing to work on the issues, and planning a concert during the upcoming Western Stock Show (more later).

I was pleased that he was able to run the commercials I created for him, which, according to Wes, were a “major factor” in his victory. I think he won because the people of his district truly support what he does for them. I mean, check out Prowers County below. How often do you see a 100% win?

Colorado State House District 64 Results
Wes McKinley vs. Ken Torres

Results: District 64, 100% reporting ( 69 precincts )

Candidate Percentage Votes
Wes McKinley (Dem) 58.7% 15,305
Ken Torres (GOP) 41.2% 10,738

Results by County
McKinley (Dem) 72.6% 1,588
Torres (GOP) 27.3% 597
McKinley (Dem) 62.7% 1,181
Torres(GOP) 37.2% 702
McKinley (Dem) 62.8% 1,974
Torres (GOP) 37.1% 1,168
Las Animas
Torres (GOP) 51.3% 3,364
McKinley (Dem) 48.6% 3,182
McKinley (Dem) 61.2% 4,757
Torres (GOP) 38.7% 3,014
McKinley (Dem) 100.0% 2,623
Torres (GOP) 0.0% 0