Denver Direct: Lowry Vista: the Women in White vs. the Men in Black

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lowry Vista: the Women in White vs. the Men in Black

IRG “Men in Black” confer during Anderson’s testimony.

by Adrienne Anderson

The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle has recently published a front page story in its October 2008 issue – just mailed to thousands of residents throughout east Denver – entitled “Secret $1 Million Payoff Greases the Skids for IRG Zoning.” (Go to the bottom of this post for a scanned copy of the entire article, which the Chronicle does not provide in its entirety in its online version.)

Curious, though, how the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle fails to mention two important facts:

1) The document (LAC’s Oversight Agreement) which formed the basis for their front page story had already been presented to the Denver City Council on August 22, 2008 by a member of the Rangeview Neighborhood Association, Linda Rea, who – wearing a white suit – testified to Council on the basis of the documents obtained. The conclusion of Ms. Rea and the neighborhood group committee tasked with reviewing the land deal? That IRG’s acquisition of the Lowry Vista property “looked like a dirty deal.”

Linda Rea testifies before Denver City Council

Rea’s testimony was further bolstered by another leader from the same neighborhood, Damoni Rems, who also wore a white suit as she questioned the city’s rush to push forward the creation of a special district for IRG to begin laying the underground infrastructure for their proposed residential and commercial development. International Risk Group bought the land for $10 (see this post), after the City of Denver declined to take title to it, records show, citing the extent of the parcel’s environmental liabilities.

Damoni Rems testifies before Denver City Council

2) Also unmentioned by the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle – which in the same issue publishes a “Letter to the Editor” from a citizen wondering why the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News have not covered this story – once again makes no mention of the elephant in the room, that the former U.S. Air Force property is a radioactive waste dump.

IRG is now seeking approval of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to dig 60 holes into its “hot” property – which CDPHE has previously said had to remain covered up to prevent exposure to the dump’s contents and not to be irrigated so as to minimize further infiltration into the dump and further contamination of the groundwater beyond. Given these developments, perhaps it’s time for a more comprehensive citizens’ investigation to dig further into not only what’s been done behind the scenes with our city officials over this property and plans for its use, but what lurks below, and who could be put at risk while digging it up.

(Ed. note: And here’s Adrienne Anderson herself testifying at the same City Council meeting.)