Denver Direct: Tertiary Treatment System for Lowry Polluters

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tertiary Treatment System for Lowry Polluters

Grasmere Lake at Washington Park, Denver, Colorado 9-19-07
Adrienne Anderson, Denver resident and published expert on Lowry Landfill pollution, explains how our new so-called “greywater” recycling system, brought to us via Metro Wastewater and the Denver Water Board (duck die-off 1/07), on to several of our Denver park greens and golf-courses, into Washington Park Lake (fish kill 7/06), and finally into City Park Lake (duck die-off 9-07), is in actuality a sewage effluent treatment system which also has the purpose of dispersing liability of polluters at the infamous Lowry Landfill Superfund Site southeast of Denver (where for the next 50 years toxic chemicals, metals and even radioactive wastes including plutonium are being released at “permitted” levels) to the public.

Anderson is a walking encyclopedia of information on the subject, having spent 11 years as a University of Colorado teacher in Environmental Studies (dismissed because her ever-popular classes were suddenly cancelled), a short and explosive 2-year stint as a Metro Wastewater board member (appointed by former Denver mayor Wellington Webb to represent the sewage workers’ health and safety concerns), years as the plaintiff in a whistleblower lawsuit in which she was awarded nearly $500,000 for damages done to her by Metro Wastewater officials in on the deal to flush Lowry Landfill into the public and at our expense, and subsequent years of frustration as the award was reversed by the then incoming Bush appointed agency officials and the dastardly deed was done anyway – in our backyard – the only one of its kind in the nation.

This brief synopsis does not do justice to the facts, as convoluted, conniving, and corporate as they can be. Anderson is currently researching and writing for, and still trying to get the word out. More to follow.