Denver Direct: Come On, Let’s Rehab the Whole House!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Come On, Let’s Rehab the Whole House!

Mayor Hick wants to rehab the whole Denver house at once and have us put it on the credit card (in a special (read low turnout) election with no candidates. Cost estimate for election = $1 million).

At tonight’s City Council meeting, a 64 year-old gentleman laid it all out. The guy spoke truth to power. He said look at the track record. He used 1 million bond as an example.

Cost to taxpayers = 2 million

-1 million interest
-.15 million admin
-.50 million outsourced to developers and planners
350,000 Net for getting it done.

So for every $2,000,000 of our dollars we get $350,000 worth of result. He sited 4 or 5 examples of park toilet facilities which cost that much EACH! He challenged the Denver Post to go to these parks and photograph, for the people to see what they are getting for their money.

I sure would like to see the Post pick up the challenge.

Note: I have to watch Channel 8 on my computer because Dish Satellite doesn’t provide it. I will have a clip for you tomorrow if they rerun the meeting tonight.