Denver Direct: Rasheed Responds

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rasheed Responds

Trying to make up for the previously closed comments section, I am reposting the answers from the comments section of Denver Politics.

This is Greg Rasheed. candidate for City Council District 8. I would like to respond to your questions:

Q. What did you conclude when you were told “we know who you are”?

A. That statement was said to me by the Denver Ministrial Alliance. I guess it means they know my community work and my radio program on KUVO. I would ask one of those members what they meant.

Q. Please get real. You can’t meet 26,500 people face to face. What will you actually do to foster communication? Radio? Internet?

A. I will try my best. If you believe, anything is possible. Obviously I can’t get in apartment buildings unless I have a key or am a cat burgler.

Q. Do you have the knowledge of the workings of City government that well enable you to “hit the ground running” or will it be more like “on the job training”?

A. Running a neighborhood association involves a lot of detailed work. I spend the majority of my time as director of Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. reading ordiances, laws passed by City Council, etc. I also am a Denver Channel 8 junkie, so I actually enjoy watching the proceedings on the station. The issue of experience is one that has cropped up many times in my life. In talking to my fellow black male associates, they also go through the same thing. I was asked in 1993 if I had the experience in running a social justice organization like the American Friends Service Committee. I ended up running that organization from 1993 – 1997. I was asked in 1998 if I had any experience in handling a major government grant. I worked from 1998 – 2001 as the program director of a 6 figure Department of Justice grant involving crime issues in Park Hill. I was asked in 2000 if I had any experience hosting a radio program. I have hosted a music program on KUVO 89.3 FM for the past five years, as well as hosted two shows on Denver cable television. The issue of experience always comes up when it involves a black person. You can look at what is going on now with Barack Obama. He is always questioned about if he is experienced enough in running for President. He has only been in state and national government for over 10 years. I guess you would favor experienced people like W. Bush, who has put our nation in a crisis situation with his policies. Unfortunately in the 21st century, the experience continues to come up when it involves a person of color.

Q. Three of you have experience in neighborhood associations. How many dues paying members did you have then and how many now?

A. Greater Park Hill Community, Inc. has 1300 members, 408 are dues paying members.

Q. Does it take “fire in the belly” to run for any public office these days given the cost, the media, Internet and press? What, if any, office will you seek after your tenure as Councilperson, and will you promise to fill your term if elected?

A. That is why I am running. If I win and serve my two full terms, I can see myself running for the House of Representatives. I would be 61 at that time. But I probably would have to still answer questions about experience.

Q. Do you think it appropriate for the Denver City Council to issue a position statement on the Iraq War? How would you vote?

A. I must certainly would! As the only progressive candidate, I would be remiss if I did not speak out on the war. Look at the tapes of the forums again, and maybe you will see where I stand on this and other issues.