Denver Direct: City Park West Neighborhood Association Goes Dark

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

City Park West Neighborhood Association Goes Dark

Apparently there is not much going on at CPWNA these days. “President” Carla Madison sees no burning issues and has (by email, in quotes):

1. cancelled the meeting in December, 2006, (“We are going to take a break and there will be no meeting for the month of December. But I don’t want you all to just forget about the neighborhood.“)

2. held a questionable election (in the sense that the Association by-laws for holding elections were ignored) in January at which she was “re-elected” for a 7th consecutive term by the few remaining members, and

3. cancelled the monthly meeting in March (“We have no presentations scheduled this month for the City Park West Neighborhood Association and no burning issues. I think that rather than schedule a City Park West meeting I will instead ask the membership to try to take the time this month or next to educate yourselves and make it to a Council District 8 Candidates Forum.”)

4. and now cancelled the April meeting (“Another month is going to slip by without a City Park West Neighborhood Association meeting. Once again there are no vital issues, no rezonings or happenings within our borders that need to be addressed.”)

Funny, but I see the election of a new representative for District 8 as a burning, vital issue. CPWNA has not sponsored a Forum this year, but the Merchants at 22nd and Humboldt have picked up the slack and will hold a Public Forum on April 12 – Thursday – 6pm – Kaiser Franklin Street building (sw corner of 21st and Humboldt), Reimer Room in the basement.

This Forum will feature questions from the audience. All current and former members of CPWNA please note – this is your chance to address those “non-burning” issues!