Denver Direct: Candidate Responsiveness

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Candidate Responsiveness

Have you ever had to call your Council Representative? What kind of response did you get?

Hiawatha Davis never returned any of my calls.

Elbra Wedgeworth always responded or had her staff respond and follow-up. (Until she went missing.)

Who among the current candidates will be the most responsive? Some have actually said they will return our phone calls. Hard to predict, but we can look at who has been the most responsive to blogger’s questions. They can always say that they didn’t see the question, but I send them individual emails asking them to respond.

1. Early on Denver Politics posted 3 questions to all candidates. Only Madison responded to two of them.

2. This blog posted 3 general and 3 specific questions to each candidate (which were fortunately reposted at Denver Politics). Three responded to the specific and one to the general.

Combined Internet Responsiveness Score

Rasheed 67%
Madison 56%
Watson 33%
Bailey 0%
Smith 0%

Insert standard disclaimer here. This may be a measure of how much time candidates and staff spend checking the blogs. By the way, Smith has no website and says she doesn’t do email. Therefore, not a serious candidate in my opinion.