Denver Direct: Buzz Abounds

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Buzz Abounds

Watson Buzz

Harold Brewer, long-time politico of District 8, came out with a letter restating his support for Darrell Watson. Apparently an article appeared in “a small newspaper” alluding to his support for another candidate, so he felt compelled to counter it with this letter.

Well, there’s no question now. Brewer states, “Over the past 13 years I have come to recognize Darrell as a leader with a unique ability to work productively with a variety of people and their issues. His knowledge of needs and concers for neighborhoods, and the growth of the city is impressive.

And “I am asking you to join me with your vote to elect Darrell Watson …”

Bailey Buzz

Denver Politics reports a strange email regarding Bailey yard signs and threats.

I’ve seen numerous Bailey flyers placed in mail boxes illegally.

Bailey postcards (I got one) quote “Senator Paul Groff”. Who is he? On the other side of the postcard “Senator Peter Groff” is listed as a supporter, but the rumor is flying around that Groff does not support Bailey. Can anyone clear this up? Senator Groff?

A Touch of Irony?

Is the person who placed this illegal sign (at 21st and Lafayette) a supporter or a prankster?