Denver Direct: Branded and Put on the Map

Monday, December 3, 2007

Branded and Put on the Map

Chuck Morris, resident of Park Hill and long-time Denver music promoter, has been visiting many of the neighborhood community associations and groups to promote a three-day Anschutz Entertainment Group Live music festival in City Park. While Chuck and his daughter Brittany, Vice-President of CRL, put on a professional presentation, some were skeptical that City Park was the appropriate venue for 50,000 people per day to spend three days rocking and rolling.

Amazingly (to me) Councilperson Madison was already on board and in the promo movie, even though the proposal has yet to be presented to Council. Oh wait, CRL people donated at least $3000 to Madison’s campaign. I was naive enough to think that she was going to find out what her constituents thought before she decided. Silly me.

Given the toxic mix of sewage effluent (see Effing Effluent) that is being sprayed on the grass and used to fill up the lakes (see Tertiary Treatment ) it may not be a good idea. Some parents who know about the sewage effluent are not even letting their kids play soccer on the fields.

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