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Monday, May 1, 2006

Bob Turner

And speaking of talented friends, here’s one of Bob Turner. Bob plays locally, in and around Denver. Go to for Bob’s schedule and other goodies.

Notes from Bob:

June 2 & 3 – Celtic Crossing Pub – Friday & Saturday – 8:00 to 12:00 – with Mel Scott – The Celtic Crossing is located at 363 Village Square Lane (I 25 & Castle Pines Pkwy – 1/4 mile West). Non-Smoking Room (smoking room next door) – 303-663-6644 – No Cover.

June 9 & 10 – Plantation House – Friday & Saturday – (formerly Sweet Fanny Adams Tavern) – 7:00 to 11:00 Located in Moore Dale west of Bailey. 57922 US Hwy. 285 – 303-816-0619. No cover. Non Smoking Section in front of Stage. Kate will offer the “Music Lover Special” Rates. Call Kate at the Bailey Lodge 303-838-2450 for rooms.(next door)

Celtic Isles – IS CLOSED. Thanks Mike and Chris for your support of the Local Acoustic Performers. We’ll miss you.

June 24 – Bailey Days – Saturday Festival with music and crafts. I’ll be performing with The Dynamic Property Band about 1:30pm. Band includes Barry Gordon, Brandy Herbert, and Sandy Reay.

June 30 & July 1 – Plantation House – see above for time and location

July 11, 18 & 25 – Mead Street Station – Tuesdays – New hours 9:00 to 12:00 – with Terry Dalton – Come spend a Tuesday evening in one of Denver’s “best local’s restaurant and watering holes”. Mead Street is located at 3625 W. 32nd (W. of Lowell) – 303-433-2138. No Cover.

For CD’s, email me. $15/per. Bob Turner “Denver Man”; Turner & Crowley “Well Seasoned”; T & C “Finger Lickin’ Good”.

Visit for updates and to find out about other music acts and venues. Great Web Site. Add it to your favorites list. And don’t forget to save this or print it out. See you soon. …Bob

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Buying Silver

I present this as a public service announcement.

From Jason Hommel at

The question people ask me the most is:What kind of silver should I buy, and where can I get it?

Here's my report: A Brief Guide to Buying Silver:What kind of silver, and where to get it.

COIN DEALERS have bullion (sometimes), but that's where you go! Many barely have a single bag or bar of silver in stock!But there are now reports of many of the major coin dealers running out of silver, and that the public is swamping the coin dealers, cleaning out their inventory!

It was reported to me that Canadian dealers are out, that the large dealer in So. Cal, California Numismatics is out,that Klaus, in Denver (one of the largest there) is out,and that he could sell $1 million a day if he had inventory! You can look up "coin dealers" in the phone book, or

Now you can search for a Coin Dealer near you!Search by name, by State, or by zip code!

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